Employment Opportunities

Utility Specialists Southwest, Inc. is a “dry utility” consulting firm with office locations in San Diego, Laguna Hills and Murrieta. We serve our clients throughout Southern California, and have experience with project management in Arizona, Nevada, Colorado and New Mexico.


Our work is of an engineering nature. That is to manage and coordinate the process of obtaining design packages from electric, gas, telephone and cable TV companies, which the developer (our client) will then use to install utility systems that will serve the project’s needs. Our expertise is in evaluating existing utility facilities, understanding and negotiating financial responsibilities and obtaining designs for utility systems that are aesthetic, economic and efficient for the project they will serve. Our role is to act as the liaison between our client and the utility companies to obtain favorable results.

Being involved during the planning stage of a project’s development gives us the opportunity to work with other professionals such as civil, electrical and mechanical engineers, as well as architects, landscape architects and the client’s project management staff.


Utility Specialists Southwest, Inc. seeks candidates who can manage independently with strong organizational and analytical skills, who are excellent communicators and have some experience in business management. Knowledge in electric, gas and telecommunications design is a plus. Our company is interested in hiring people who are willing to travel and manage projects throughout Southern California and in other areas as needs arise…..no matter where there home base is located. We are a versatile organization – placing the best resources on the right projects.


Our company offers careers, not just jobs, to the right people. We offer a competative wage and benefits package along with great career growth opportunities.