Dry Utility Contract Management and Disclosure Design Services

Homeowner Disclosure Exhibits


Providing color exhibits in a design that is easy for a homebuyer to understand is an effective tool for your sales staff. Disclosure exhibits accomplish this by graphically depicting for the homebuyer all of the aboveground structures that impact their lot.
Provide full color exhibits based on design plans and field verification identifying all utility facilities, HOA maintenance areas, fencing, slope features, etc. Lists of features can be tailored to meet the needs and requirements of each individual Client.


Sample Disclosure Exhibit

Sample Disclosure Exhibit

Contract Management Services


With recent utility rules changing regarding refunds and the rapid pace of development, it is becoming increasingly difficult for homebuilders to track their own refunds. We can provide immediate financial results for you on any new or previous project by identifying and collecting eligible monies on your behalf.

  • Analysis of all dry utility contracts for refundable and reimbursement values.
  • Aggressive intervention at utilities to recover money in a timely manner.
  • Quarterly written reports of refund status.
  • Advocacy with agencies to expedite payment upon qualification.


Dry Utility Concept Design Services

  • Identify potential points of feed, feeder system requirements, and fusing needs.
  • Evaluate system criteria associated with the utility requirements.
  • Plan and prepare system concept designs using utility company design criteria, policies, and practices.
  • Coordinate utility designs with civil engineering and architectural plans.
  • Define utilities' and developer's installation responsibilities in accordance with regulator rules and tariffs.