What We Do

US Company TruckBy continuing to pioneer in the provision of services, The Utility Specialists' family of companies has kept up with the ever more complicated task of managing the land development process. Our Contract Management Services (CMS) division is a financial services group committed to the timely return of refundable deposits and advances to the Client. CMS has developed a Bond Management Service, aiding the land developer in tracking the status of bonds, and items needing completion, in order to achieve a timely release by the municipality.


In order to live within a construction budget, the integrity of the construction budgeting process is of the highest importance to a builder. We have found that Utility Specialists' accuracy gives our Clients a true handle on the expected cost of providing utility service to their projects. By using the Utility Specialists cost estimating and bid package services, our Clients can feel confident that management of their utility portion of the construction funding will help ensure a successful project.